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How Well Do You Remember High School Musical?


Do you remember how crazy it was when High School Musical came out? No one really expected it to be so successful, but kids and teenagers fell in love with the movie. It ended up getting two sequels, with the final installment in the series even making it into theaters, which is rare for a Disney film! And after watching it a couple times, we had learned every word to every song. It was the only CD we wanted to listen to for a while! We all had our favorite characters, we daydreamed about the day we would meet our own Troy Bolton, and we had about a million posters of the Wildcats basketball team up on our walls. Talk about obsessed!

Even though it’s been a long time since the first High School Musical film was released, we haven’t forgotten just how great it was or how much we loved that classic soundtrack. It was clearly the best Disney Channel original movie ever released, and even to this day, if it comes on you won’t catch us changing the channel! But how well do you REALLY remember all three High School Musical films? Take this quiz to test your knowledge and find out!

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