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How Well Do You Know Cristina Yang?


It’s impossible to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan and not absolutely love Cristina Yang. Sure, you were a bit scared of her at first (and maybe you were for the entire time that she was on the show). You respect her a ton and wish that she was real. Actually, in your mind, she is totally real. Over the many years that she was on the show, Cristina has proven that she is a super skilled and talented surgeon and that she deserves all the success in the world. And yes, you are super sad that she’s off the show. Every time that you curl up on the couch on a Friday night to watch the latest Grey’s episode, you wish that Cristina would stop by the hospital. You know, just to say hi. Or maybe to say that she’s coming back to stay. Sigh.

If you’re a more casual viewer of this hospital drama, then you probably know a few things about this character — you just might not know everything about her. If you’re a huge fan, then you must know a lot more, right? It’s time to discover the truth about your Cristina knowledge! From her friendships to her romantic relationships to all of the things good and bad that have happened to her, it’s all right here.

How well do you know Cristina Yang? Could you be best friends because you know her so well, or are there still a few things about her that you find totally mysterious? Take the quiz to find out!

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