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How Well Do You Know Bravo’s Real Housewives?


Do you consider yourself a Bravo-holic, with a Real Housewives-specific addiction? If so, no matter how much you may try to change the channel, you just cannot seem to find the strength, or the desire, for that matter, to tune into anything else. What could be more entertaining anyhow?

From New Jersey to Beverly Hills and all the places north, south, and in-between, the bickering, bonding, boozing, and bawling is never boring and always leaves you wanting more. Each season is juicier than the last and each franchise has its own unique charm… if charm is what you want to call it.

For those diehard Real Housewives fanatics out there, this quiz was made for you. Tuning in season after season took up lots of time you will never get back, so use the knowledge you’ve gained and try to ace this fun quiz. Even the most devoted Real Housewives fan will have to think hard because some of these cities have been invading our TV sets for years.

Some of the Housewives have come and gone and others have been fixtures on their respective franchise for the full run. Do you think you could outscore your friends, or better yet, Bravo’s king of reality, the ever-gossiping and pot-stirring, Andy Cohen?

This 25-question Real Housewives quiz will weed out the fair-weathered Real Housewives watchers and let the true devotees show what they’re made of.