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15 Shocking Ways People Got Revenge On A Cheating Ex

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15 Shocking Ways People Got Revenge On A Cheating Ex

Revenge, by definition, is inflicting hurt or harm on someone because you believe they did you wrong. In the words of Frank Sinatra “The best revenge is massive success”, although many people have decided to go against this advice and wreak havoc on those who have wronged them. Research has found that this actually ends with us feeling much worse.

Karyn Hall, author of Mindfulness Exercises, told Psychology Today, “(Those) who got revenge reported feeling worse than those who didn’t. Both groups thought revenge would be sweet, but their own reported feelings showed that revenge made them less happy.”

Although try telling that advice to someone who has just been cheated on. Unfortunately some of us know the feeling all too well – it’s a painful experience and can bring us to lash out. Psych Central revealed that at the beginning of a relationship, the chance of cheating is quite low (less than 6%), then over the years this can rise to as high as a 25% chance of infidelity taking place.

So what happens when a partner finds out that the one they love has been doing the dirty behind their back? Sweet revenge of course. These following people all acted so erratically that their actions went viral – it really does prove that when it comes to cheaters, hell hath no fury like an ex who has been scorned.

15. This Brutal “Lost Dog” Sign

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. One ex-girlfriend made these posters after she discovered her boyfriend Jordan had been cheating behind her back and she labeled him a “cheating psychopath mutt.” She also revealed that he was “last seen humping Julia.” The poster had been photocopied several times and pinned around a campus at California Institute of Technology.

One Reddit user uploaded this picture and overnight the shocking revenge tactic went viral. Although the girl was never named, students who witnessed her placing the posters around the campus said she was “an angry girl.” Another online user commented, “Can Jordan sue her for libel/slander or does he not have legal standing because he’s a dog?” Let’s hope the couple resolved their issues in a less public manner.

14. Woman Superglues Husband’s Manhood To His Leg

In 2009, Tracy Hood Davis found out about her husband’s infidelities and managed to persuade his three mistresses to act out a sinister revenge attack. Mrs Davis conspired with Therese Ziemann, Michelle Belliveau and Wendy Sewell (all three were having a romantic affair with her husband) to lure him to a motel in Wisconsin on the promise there would be some action.

Well, there certainly was action but not quite what he would have been expecting. When he arrived at the hotel, he was blindfolded, stripped down naked, pinned to the bed and then his wife appeared from the bathroom and superglued his manhood to his own leg. All of the women were arrested and charged with false imprisonment and his wife was charged with assault.

13. Failed In Both His Relationship And Law Degree 



One of the harshest responses to be cheating on has to come from an anonymous user on confessional website Whisper. They wrote, “When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sent a mariachi band to play at his house from 4 to 6am.” If you are not too familiar with this type of band, these are a type of musical group, originally from Mexico, usually made up of eight members who play violins, trumpets, Spanish guitar, and a vihuela (a high-pitched guitar). That would be enough to annoy anyone at 4am but it was even worse…

The anonymous user added, “(It was) the day he was taking the Bar Exam. He failed it.” The Bar Exam is crucial to anyone studying the law and usually costs, depending on the state, around $300-$400 to sit the exam. So this is some really cruel revenge.

12. The Revenge Yard Sale

Who would have known that a “Revenge Yard Sale” is actually a thing – well it was certainly a thing when this woman found out her husband was away with his mistress. As her husband was wrapped up in the arms of another woman, she advertised on the Canadian pages of classifieds site Craigslist, “Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything and moving house after 10 years of marriage.” She added, “I want the house empty on Monday when he returns because that will be a shock for him to see.”

She claimed she was selling tools her husband ‘didn’t have a clue how to use’, along with a ping pong table, foosball table, furniture, art, garden pots, sports gear and electrical appliances. Even the house was up for sale as she said potential buyers could take a look around the home that boasted an ocean view. This is one woman who is really ready to move on.

11. Husband Dumps Horse Manure Over Wife’s Car

It’s never nice reading horrible things about yourself online. If someone called us “crazy” then sure we’d get upset about it and that was just the case when this farmer caught his wife cheating on a dating site. Kissing Gates online is a hookup site exclusively for farmers and those who work with livestock, this California based husband found messages left on the home computer and it was clear his wife was hooking up with other farmers behind the stables.

To make matters worse, one of the messages read that he was “a complete idiot and completely crazy.” So to prove just how crazy he could get, the man took a truck load of horse manure and tipped it all over the car that belongs to his cheating spouse. We are going to call this as an awesome win for the poor guy.

10. From Wrecked Marriages To Wrecked Cars

What looks like a lethal car crash is actually the work of a woman scorned. This $150,000 red Audi V8 was damaged beyond repair by a clearly outraged partner who was mad with rage. All the windows were smashed, the speedometer was ripped out and the dashboard was slashed. The woman also took a knife and slashed all on the interiors including the leather seats. There was even a “f**k you* scratched into the paintwork, “cheater”, “be happy with her” and a smiley face.

The photos of the wreckage emerged on social media as passersby noticed that this could be a case of good wife turned bad. Although the woman or her partner never publicly came forward (probably left too embarrassed by the whole public spectacle) it was quite clear a lot of drama had gone down. Let’s just hope she was 100% certain of his infidelities.

9. Husband Writes “My Wife Is A Cheater” Then Sets His House On Fire

Last year, scorned husband William Eugene Lindauer from Colorado, spray painted the words, “My wife is a cheater” on the walls on the walls of his own home, before setting it on fire. He was arrested on suspicion of arson after police responded to the fire at 1.30am – luckily nobody was harmed.

Local neighbor Fred Holman told Fox News that the event was very unexpected. He said, “It’s a younger family. They’ve lived here about five years, maybe a little longer. They’re very nice people, very good neighbors. I would never think anything like this would happen.” Fire investigators also added that the fire had made the house unstable and it wasn’t safe to go inside. This is one former happy home they certainly won’t be returning to.

8. The Billboard Of Shame

Two years ago, shocked commuters in Sheffield, England, could not avoid noticing a giant message on a billboard that read: “To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home I won’t be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa.” The jilted wife decided to express her feelings on the electronic billboard right on the busy highway.

Kong Media, the advertising agency who sold the space to Lisa, said that such a sign in this location would have cost hundreds although they were unwilling to confirm the actual amount. A spokesperson for the agency told The Mirror, “She just wanted it on during rush hour. The Sheffield Parkway is always jammed as it is the main artery in and out of the city in the morning and the client wanted it on while her ex-partner was driving to work.”

They added. “It is the most recognized billboard location in the city, so I wouldn’t like to be the partner scorned by this. I think there will be a few calls made this morning to a few Lisas and Pauls.”

7. The Worst Kind Of Surprise Party

One Reddit user “ItsMe03” wrote: “So I had a feeling (my wife) was cheating as she set off a lot of red flags. Constantly laughing and smiling when texting, saying it was just her mother when I asked. Needing to stay late every night after work. When I’d call in her co-workers said she left hours ago. The last straw to where I knew something was definitely up was when she went out “to get milk” at 11:30 at night and didn’t come back till 2 in the morning.”

So he did what any cunning man would do; on his wife’s birthday weekend, he said he’d be out of town for the weekend and that she had the apartment to herself. He then called his wife’s close friends and family to let them know he had a big treat planned – they would all burst into his home and surprise his wife for her birthday. The plan worked just as he thought…

“Well as I throw open the door and we all yell surprise. But the surprise was on us and there was my wife, with her lover staring at us wide-eyed. Mom drops the cake, sister screams, father begins to shout. I pretend like I’m horrified to which her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her. Wife, excuse me, ex-wife is sobbing and screaming how could I while the lover is desperately trying to put his pants on while running out of the place. Needless to say, it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.”

6. The Games Of Thrones Revenge

This guy felt the wrath of an ex-girlfriend he had cheated on as she decided to completely ruin Game of Thrones for him. The guy who claimed the Reddit username “Khalessiscorned” took to the internet for some advice. He explained, “I cheated on her with my ex and a couple of other girls. She found out shortly after we broke up, and understandably hates me.” Then added, “The Monday after season six premiered she unblocked me and I saw I had messages from her. thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on, but it was literally just every spoiler from the first episode.”

He quickly blocked her so he could no longer see spoilers, but then she began re-adding him in the disguise of a “hot girl online” and mid-conversation dropped some more spoilers in there. If only he cared about his relationship as much as a TV show then things could have worked out for the better.

5. The Public Shaming 


We all fear public shaming – getting caught out by your partner for cheating is bad but then knowing the clear evidence will be posted online in the most shameful way possible is even worse. Facebook user Jordan posted a clear picture of some underwear she had found when she returned home.

In the post she wrote, “This is what a girl gets when she leaves her apartment for a night.” She then mocked the girls choice of underwear and even tagged her guilty boyfriend in the post. Proving everyone loves a drama, the picture went viral overnight and one commenter even compared the spectacle to watching an episode of Jerry Springer. Cheaters everywhere will now be sure to cover their tracks more in the future.

4. Showing The World What He Is Missing 

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.06.55 AM

A 26-year-old ex-girlfriend, who only revealed her first name as Taylor, went all out when she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. She not only sold all his clothes on Ebay but apparently he was never a fan of her dressing provocatively – so she took part in a seriously raunchy shoot to raise the funds. She told the New York Post, “He preferred that I be a lot more conservative and didn’t like for me to dress sexy. So now I’m saying, “Ha, ha – you don’t have a say-so any more.”

She also revealed to CBS Miami, “I’ve never done anything like this. I mean, honestly, I’m not a vindictive person by any means, but when you spend five years of your life giving to someone and giving to someone, and then they turn round and do that to you… It started as a way to get back to him.’ Her account was named “myexboyfriendscloset” and the location she was selling from was Boca Raton, Florida. Overall her sales made $1,000 – so it was a bittersweet ending after all.

3. Letting It All Out Online 

via: Twitter @boogieandcookie

via: Twitter @boogieandcookie

It’s good to talk – letting out some steam online and having a rant can have self-soothing effects but for this Twitter user he really didn’t hold back on the details. The man from Swindon in England was selling a TV that once belonged to his ex-girlfriend who has since moved in with another guy called Steve – who had a home that smells of “horse and bottom.” He also labeled Steve a “disastrous looking man.”

The lengthy description of the TV also included that there are five channels and that “five is also the number of male friends my ex can pick up on Facebook; every ten minutes.” Before he added, “They buyer will collect the item in person from a neutral address – this is because my current home is being forensically cleaned in an attempt to prevent the inhalation of warts via airborne.” Ouch!

2. The Cold Shoulder Treatment

29-year-old Ting Su caught her boyfriend, known only as Cheng, sleeping with her twin sister behind her back and it was not a case of mistaken identity. When she confronted the pair who were unclothed in the car, they both jumped out the vehicle to try and explain themselves. Ting Su then took the opportunity to get behind the wheel and drive off – leaving those who betrayed her, stood in the street naked.

Photos of the incident that took place in city of Suzhou, eastern China, made it onto the internet and the rest is history. One witness told the Mirror, “It was so funny. Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well. He was banging his fist on the window and shouting at her, and she just wasn’t playing ball.” #TeamTingSu

1. A Step Too Far…

Rossie Brovent, from Dayton, Ohio, received $100,000 in damages after she cheated on her ex-boyfriend, tattoo artist Ryan Fitzjerald, and he tricked her into getting some horrendous body art. The giant pile of something unpleasant was etched onto her skin as Fitzjerald decided that he wanted revenge on his ex – the actual tattoo she had asked for was a scene from Narnia.

Metro online reported that she was tricked into getting the tattoo as he made her drink “a bottle of cheap wine and tequila” before she signed the consent form. She also alleged, “Actually I was passed out for most of the time, and woke up to this horrible image on my back.” We’re going to file this under things that should never have happened.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro

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