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15 Craziest Fan Theories That Could Be True

in Cringeworthy
15 Craziest Fan Theories That Could Be True

Many fan theories about popular movies and TV shows are clearly nonsense. But there are some circulating which actually make quite a bit of sense! The explanations that hardcore fans come up with for their favorite movies and TV shows are usually deep and dark, so to be honest, we’d prefer if many of the following 15 theories weren’t true. We’d much prefer stories about bumbling scientists with no ulterior motives, groups of friends living happily in New York City, and marvelous chocolate factories that are child-friendly. Instead, if these theories are true, we have stories about suicidal characters, hallucinations to escape harsh realities, and closeted serial killers setting traps. In the past, while some fan theories have dwindled, some have actually turned out to be reality, as confirmed by the director. And as much as we hate to admit it, the following theories fans have come up with could actually be true!

15. ‘Friends’


We are not at all happy about this theory! There are plenty of Friends theories, each more devastating than the last, including the whole show being a dream, and the friends being figments of Phoebe’s imagination while she’s addicted to various substances. The theory that probably makes the most sense, though still actually hurts us, is that the six characters are actually six patients in a mental asylum on the show, merely imagining the lives they would be living if they weren’t locked away. Phoebe was sent to the institution after her mother took her own life. Joey finally broke down after a lifetime of being the only male in a huge female-orientated family. Rachel is a sociopath, while Monica’s bullying caused irreversible trauma. Ross has major abandonment issues, and Chandler is permanently affected by his dysfunctional family. Fine, it could work. But unless we get director confirmation, we’re sticking with the happy sitcom we know!

14. ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’


We all know that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a story all about how Will’s life got twist and turned upside down. Now if you have a minute, just sit right there while we tell you how Will might not have actually become the Prince of a town called Bel-Air. In the opening credits, Will mentions that he got into a fight with some bad seeds. So one theory suggests that this fight actually cost Will his life, and the cab that comes to take him to Bel-Air is really an angel or God coming to take him to heaven. Bel-Air is actually heaven, and his aunt and uncle have also passed away. Will is staying with them in heaven so he can sort out the issues he had with them on earth. His parents appear in Bel-Air on special occasions throughout the show, and this signifies them visiting his grave.

13. ‘Winnie The Pooh’


There’s a fan theory about Winnie the Pooh that renders the story much less fantastical, but there’s a possibility that it’s true. Basically, one fan suggested that Winnie and his friends each represent a particular personality disorder, and the fact that Christopher Robin has allocated these personalities to them, suggests that he is suffering from schizophrenia or some other dissociative disorder. Pooh himself displays signs of a sub-type of ADHD through his obsessiveness over honey and his fixation with counting. Piglet seems to have a generalized anxiety disorder, shown through his stuttering and nervousness. Owl, while very smart, seems to have dyslexia. Like Pooh, Tigger also shows signs of ADHD through his impulsive nature, while Kanga seems to be dealing with social anxiety as she is ridiculously overprotective. And then there’s Eeyore, who represents clinical depression. This obviously adds a bleak layer to the story, but this fan might be on to something!

12. ‘Peter Pan’


Are you ready to have your heart and soul crushed? Everybody knows the story of Peter Pan: children who don’t want to grow up travel with the eternally youthful Peter to the magical Neverland where they battle evil pirates before accepting that they have to return home. But some fans think that the tale is much grimmer than that. It’s been suggested that Peter isn’t just a magical flying boy, but the angel of death. Therefore, his role is to lead children up to heaven, which is represented in the story as Neverland. So basically, the Lost Boys are all dead, as is anybody else whom Peter brings up to this world in the clouds. Apparently, Captain Hook is supposed to represent somebody who escaped death, hence his eternal battle with Peter. When you think about it, Peter being an angel would explain the flying and the way that people stop aging up there!

11. ‘Back To The Future’


Back to the Future has to be one of everybody’s favorite ‘80s movies, but some fans think the story isn’t just about a happy scientist who’s invented time travel. According to one BTTF theory, Doc Brown is actually suicidal, and in the first movie, as he conducts the first time travel test, he’s actually trying to…you know. The evidence for this lies in the fact that Doc tells Marty that his past experiments have all been failures, so it makes sense that he’s ready to give up for good if this final experiment doesn’t bring him success. He could stand anywhere during the time travel test in the parking lot, but he chooses to stand right in front of the car, which would collide with him if it were to fail. And then Doc has some exciting adventures with Marty and finds that life is worth living again. It does add up!

10. ‘Harry Potter’


There are too many Harry Potter theories for us to keep up with, but there is one that we especially think makes perfect sense! Everybody knows that the Dursleys, or Harry’s aunt and uncle, are the biggest jerks in the whole story. This theory suggests that they’re not inherently bad people, but became that way over time because of Harry. As fans know, Harry is a Horcrux (a piece of Voldemort’s soul is attached to him). Now, we know that when people are exposed to Horcruxes, they tend to not feel like themselves. Evidence: when Ron wears the locket as he, Harry, and Hermione are in the woods, he turns into a major douche. When Ginny is exposed to Tom Riddle’s diary, it affects her mind. So because Harry is a Horcrux too, a lifetime of exposure to him has turned the Dursleys into jerks by the time we meet them.

9. ‘Aladdin’


The time and setting of Aladdin are never explicitly stated in the movie, but we gather from all the sand that we’re in the Middle East, and we gather from the lack of technology that we’re in the past. According to some fans, we’re totally wrong! Well, it’s agreed that Aladdin is set in Arabia, but many believe that the story is actually set in the future. The biggest clue is that the Genie specifically labels Aladdin’s clothes as “so third century.” However, since the Genie has been trapped for 10,000 years, the date would have to be at least 10,300 A.D. for him to be able to recall the clothes of that era, no? The objects in the film that are regarded as magical, like the magic carpet, are actually technological inventions from the past 10,000 years. Iago the talking parrot is also actually genetically engineered, and this is how he can comprehend human speech.

8. ‘The Simpsons’


You don’t get a long-running show like The Simpsons without endless fan theories to accompany it. We’ve heard some shockers, including the entire Springfield universe existing beyond the constraints of time as we know it, and the whole series from the episode where Homer is put into a coma being a dream. But one that actually stuck with us is this: the entire Simpson family are geniuses. So we know that Lisa is a genius already, but what about the rest? It was proven in an episode that Homer is one of the smartest men alive but has a crayon lodged in his brain. Bart was shown to be intelligent from a young age, and still displays signs of being a smart cookie through all his clever pranks. Marge was a phenomenal student but didn’t pursue an academic life in order to be a housewife. The whole show explores happiness vs intelligence. Interesting!

7. ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’


Gosh, this one makes those Willy Wonka memes on Facebook seem creepy AF! As far as we know, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about five children who win a tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, with one child gaining a special prize at the end. During the tour, the children are lost to the wilds of the factory, and while this seems like an accident based on their own flaws, one fan has pointed out that Willy Wonka purposely invited the children there so they would die. This is reinforced by the fact that after Augustus Gloop is sucked up into the tube, the rest continue on a boat, but the boat is missing seats for Augustus and his mother. Then as more children mysteriously disappear in the factory, it’s obvious that Willy has already planned for the tour to continue without them. Some say that he uses them to make his candy.

6. ‘Titanic’


We’d personally like to believe that Titanic is just a simple love story, but a theory has suggested that it’s actually a bit of a sci-fi, saving-the-world kind of tale. One fan has suggested that Jack Dawson isn’t just the perfect starving artist from 1912, but he’s actually a time traveler sent back in order to prevent Rose from taking her life and to make sure the ship sinks as was its destiny. If Rose had jumped off the ship, they would have had to stop when they realized she was missing, and they might not have crashed, which as we know from sci-fi movies, could have had unforeseen repercussions. Why do people think Jack is a time traveler? He mentions things that he couldn’t have known at that time, like the existence of the roller coaster on Santa Monica Pier and Lake Wissota. His haircut and rucksack are also strange for the time period.

5. ‘Home Alone’


Can nothing just be a light-hearted story with no secret, dark layers? Here we were thinking that Home Alone was nothing more than a Christmas movie with a few laughs and a happy ending, but many believe it’s a lot more than that. In short, it’s been suggested that Gus Polinski, the guy who brings Kate back to her son, is actually the devil. Basically, Kate specifically tells the woman working for the airline that she’d sell her soul to the devil if it meant getting home to her son. Next minute, Gus mysteriously pops up, over her right shoulder no less. This takes place in the Scranton airport, which is conveniently situated at a crossroads, and apparently, if you’re going to meet Satan, you do it at a crossroads. This doesn’t change the story really, except it’s not really a happy ending. Kate may get back to her son, but her soul is damned.

4. ‘Rugrats’


Just in case we haven’t ruined enough of your childhood favorites for you, there have also been some pretty convincing theories about Rugrats. This theory claims that the babies don’t actually exist, but are really figments of Angelica’s imagination which she invented to save her from her parents’ negligence. Since Charlotte, her mom, is always working and so is Drew, Angelica invents children for her parents’ friends and family to help deal with her loneliness. Chuckie actually existed once but died along with his mom, which explains why Chuck is super-nervous all the time. Tommy was stillborn, which explains why his dad Stu is obsessed with inventing children’s toys—the incident traumatized him. Betty DeVille was pregnant but had an abortion, leading Angelica to imagine twins—she didn’t know what gender the baby would have been, so she settles it in her mind by having one of each. Well darn, that is grim!

3. ‘Sesame Street’


If you thought all the Muppets on Sesame Street were good guys, think again! One fan claims that everybody’s favorite vampire, Count von Count, is actually an evil predator. He’s been accused of pretending to teach children math in order to lure them to his secret lair, where he sucks their blood and consumes their youth. This theory was sparked by the observation that the real children who appear on Sesame Street are continually replaced. We thought it was because they grew up and had to get back to the real world, but apparently, it’s because they’re becoming vampire dinner every week! This theory also attacks the adults on the show, suggesting that since the Count has been living on Sesame Street for decades and they’ve never done a thing to stop him, they must be in on his evil plan. This could make sense, but we’re still not buying it!

2. ‘Mr. Bean’


We always knew that Mr. Bean was a little different to the regular fellow, but we never suspected what some fans are suggesting. According to some, Mr. Bean is actually an alien. The whole show’s concept—a man who struggles to fit in with the rest of the world—is actually about an alien struggling to come to terms with the way humans do things. The evidence for this one basically lies in the fact that no matter how much experience Mr. Bean has with other people, he never really fits in. Basic human concepts provide huge obstacles for him, which you’d think they would for an alien from outer space! In the cartoon version of the series, Mr. Bean also meets some aliens who look just like him. There’s also the fact that in the opening credits, Mr. Bean is dropped from the sky in a mysterious light. We are definitely convinced!

1. Disney Movies


The top theory on our list involves more than one movie! Fans claim that the worlds of Disney movies Frozen, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Tarzan are all interconnected. Firstly, in Frozen, there’s a brief shot of Rapunzel and Flynn attending the coronation. We know that Elsa and Anna’s parents were killed after a boating accident, and theorists suggest they were on their way to visit Rapunzel and Flynn. Since Tangled is set in Germany and Frozen in Norway, the shipwreck should take place around Denmark. So there’s a shipwreck in Denmark, which is where The Little Mermaid is set, and surprise surprise, Ariel is exploring a shipwreck in her story! Where does Tarzan come into it? The theory goes that Elsa and Anna’s parents escaped the shipwreck and survived on a nearby island, where they had a baby boy before being killed by a jungle cat. That makes Tarzan Elsa and Anna’s baby brother!

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